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Dr Mizan Rahman Memoirs Thread ♥♪♥

Thanks a lot ManishaDi!  I can only endorse your words.  To me, He was a Man beyond boundaries.  In these world wide gloomy days, we greatly needed a courageous free thinker and prolific writer like Him for many more years among us.  As the frontier now expands, the loss of a 'torch bearer' will be greatly felt by all of us.  I feel fortunate to be on his mailing list.  My humble salute Dr. Mizan Rahman!

Amjad Hossain

On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Manisha Roy <> wrote:

I join you Reepi and all of Mizan’s friends and fans to show my heart-felt sorrow in losing him. We all know what a unique human being and writer he was! Not everyday one encounters a man like Mizan who not only was a free thinker, but his observations and conclusions were based on sensible and rational foundations. Yet he never lost sight of the humane aspect of a situation. A man free of usual prejudices Mizan was open to listen to any opinion of any background, even when he disagreed with them. He was a man of modern time in the truest meaning of the term. For a man of small stature he thought big and never tired of writing essays which might help his country Bangladesh. Sometimes he appeared harsh in his criticism of the political and social trends, but his pen was relentlessly active because his heart was in the right place. He never lost faith in the rising youth and their good senses. With all his polemics he never stopped being optimistic about future. We – his friends and fans—should not forget that.

Mizan, I shall always remember you. I shall miss our occasional phone calls when we could discuss anything under the sun without reservations. I lost a good friend.

Manisha Roy  
Manisha Roy 

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