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Knowledge Enhancing Stepping Stones

Knowledge Enhancing Stepping Stones
লিখেছেন Shafiul Islam   
Sunday, 12 June 2011
Education is instrumental to build one's foundation of knowledge. Research and innovations are the stepping stones of knowledge creation. The vision and passion for innovation stimulate creation of new knowledge to further advancing science and technology.  
In the information age, we are often flooded with too much information. Channeling the right information  is vital as we plan to utilize our time effectively for enhancing our knowledge and furthering our specific research and innovations. Here are a few hints and tips:
  • Integrate your passion with vision to stimulate innovation. 'Vision creates value.'
  • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bounded) goals.
  • Enhance your capacity. 'Context + Content = Capacity.'
  • Train your brain to further your talent. 'Talent + System = Exceptional Results.'
  • Set electronic 'Google Alerts' to filter and channel the right information of your interest. Search 'Google Alerts.'
  • Be associated with focused knowledge networks or groups. Sign up for the daily/weekly electronic alerts. Then use those keywords to expand your search. This will save your time significantly as you are committed to create more in a short span of time.
  • Use to expand your professional horizons and create your power networks.
  • Excel for excellence. Exceed expectations!
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Acknowledgements: TexTek Solutions :: MW Canada Material Innovations.  

Knowledge Enhancing Stepping Stones :
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Nice Post
লিখেছেন S.Raiyan, August 12, 2011
Very nice and thoughtful post. Looking forward for more articles from the writer

Knowledge Enhancing Stepping Stones
লিখেছেন Shafiul Islam, September 03, 2011
Greetings S. Raiyan,
Thanks for your Thoughts....

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