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Thoughts on the International Women's Day, 2010

Thoughts on the International Women's Day, 2010

by Naznin Seamon on Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 11:17pm ·

There are different themes introduced each year on the International Women’s Day; sometimes it’s global whereas other times it might be localized. No matter what, both men and women need to realize women are also a part of the nature; nothing more or less. So, they deserve the same share, and are essential for our eco system. A lion does not think the lioness inferior to him; the same way, an ant or a bee does not have any such complex. It’s us, human beings, who demand to be the best of all creatures have set up such norms and values in our society.
Women have been oppressed for a real long time now. Though we say, women suffrage has come, it’s not world wide. Until or unless each and every female is able to work or think independently, we can’t say women are free. Free of what? Can you imagine still today, women’s lives are endangered by men; they are threatened, scared, ashamed of someone else’s fault, considered as burdens to the society or family, deprived of many rights, and so on and on?
Now, we need to focus on our individuality and empower ourselves through proper education. As soon as we have two Es--education and economic freedom, many other rights will just follow on. However, the most important thing is never to think yourself as a victim, or inferior; never to let others dominate us as Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962) has said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
I want to make a plea to everyone—women and men. Would you please stop being used and using females respectively, as materials? That is disgusting, unpleasant, unwanted, unethical, and mostly, a pure exploitation. Please focus on our abilities, strengths, and intellectual developments than physical beauty that is to fade away over the period of time.
Salute to all men and women who have contributed their time, effort, at times even lives advocating women suffrage. Without them, we will not be here.

Food for thought: “Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.” ~Author Unknown (lol)
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Thoughts on the International Women's Day, 2010

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