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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

['You must be the change that you want to see in the world.' ~ Mahatma Gandhi]

Each word we use has unique attributes: emotion, sound, color, passion, and perspective. Imagine we could learn only one word to make a difference. It's that simple. What is that magic word? That magic word is 'Attitude!' What does it really mean? Let's explore a few definitions:
  • 'A settled way of thinking or feeling about something.' ~ oxforddictionaries.com
  • 'A predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation.' ~ businessdictionary.com
  • 'a: a mental position with regard to a fact or state b: a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state.' ~ merriam-webster.com
  • 'manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: ....' ~ dictionary.com
  • 'A manner of thinking, feeling, or behaving that reflects a state of mind or disposition: ....' ~ thefreedictionary.com 
To sense, feel and understand the impact and essence of 'Attitude,' let's dig and dive deeper! Here are a few farsighted perspectives on 'Attitude:'

To overcome difficult situations and hurdles in life, we have two distinct choices. Either we react or respond to a situation. A reactive attitude radiates negative energy. It creates clouds and chaos. Often it spins the situation out of control. Conversely, a responsive and proactive attitude radiates positive energy to attract positive outcomes. It generates positive results, clears the clouds in communication, and resolves the situation.

[PC: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-attitude-more-important-than-iq-dr-travis-bradberry]

Recent research highlights the fact that our mental energy, curiosity, and capacity are guided by our fixed and growth mind-sets. A fixed mind-set limits our belief system to unleash our capacity. On the other hand, a growth mind-set excels our curiosity, creativity, and capacity. It stimulates our mental energy to expand our innovative horizon and growth potential.

As a catalyst to cultivating creative solutions, you can expect many challenging opportunities awaiting for you. Spin your passion to turn the challenges into opportunities. Conceive. Drive. Achieve. I enjoy creating breakthrough solutions for challenging applications. One of our innovative products outreached Mars. It helped safe landing of Robots, Cruise Exploration Vehicle, on Mars as a part of NASA's Mars Exploration Mission Project.

Realize your potential. To articulate a proactive mind-set, consider PAINS: Positive Attitude In Negative Situation.

We weave our global social fabric together. With a positive attitude, we all can make a big difference! Let's radiate proactive attitude and  positive energy to make our world a better place. What do you think? Feel free to add your favorite quotes and thoughts in the comment section below.

শফিউল ইসলাম
Shafiul Islam
Founder & Editor
Vision Creates Value Team
Cambridge, ON Canada
Wrote & Published: 20150825
Last Updated: 20160729

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