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The zombie apocalypse - Orko Oyon

The zombie apocalypse
By: orko oyon 7b


            I was on the roof of the candy store when she showed up. I was on watch, sucking on a couple of Jolly Ranchers. I was focused on how we were running out of healthy and good food to eat, until I heard a horrified scream.
            Another human.
            I wasn’t surprised. Our group had heard a bunch of screams coming from everywhere every day. They screams came from the survivors left from California. Immediately, I called the group up through the hole in the roof.
            The first one to come up was Luke. He had short brown hair, with blue eyes, and braces. Then next was Blue. She had light brown hair and blue eyes. She didn’t know what her name was, so she told us to call her Blue, since it was her favourite color. Last was Stephanie, with brown hair and brown eyes. I had black hair and black eyes, and I was the oldest out of everyone by a month. They all looked terrified.
            “What is it J?” Luke had said. My name was Jason, yet the group called me J.
            “It’s another survivor,” I replied. “I heard them scream. I’m guessing it’s a girl.”
            “Where is she?” Stephanie asked.
            I looked out into the city of California. I couldn’t find anything at first, but I spotted something at the corner of my eye. I turned in that direction to find a woman, running for her life. I looked through the telescope that we had set up on the roof to get a better look at her. She was probably around 16, with a handgun strapped to her belt, a sniper on her back, and a shotgun in her hand. She was running for our store.
            “Get downstairs, all of you. I’ll be up here. Make sure you turn on the two-way. I’ll tell you what to do, let’s see if we can save this one,” I said.
            They all filed into the store.
            “We’re ready,” I heard Blue through the radio.
            “Okay, take all the locks off, and put all of your force against the door. We don’t want anyone trying to kill us in here. Open the door on my mark,” I said into the radio.
            I heard tons of locks being removed. After a few seconds of silence, I heard Blue saying that they were done.
I headed down into the store. After going through the twists and turns inside the stock room, I made it out, to see Luke and Stephanie pressed against the door. I looked through the blinds next to the door, but I could only get a peek of what I was trying to see through the tight, rusty blinds.
            “Okay, open the door in 3… 2… 1… now!” I yelled as they opened the door right on my cue.
            “Get inside!” I screamed at the woman so she could hear me over the running.
            She charged inside, and for a quick moment, I saw them again. Even looking at them chilled me to the bone. What the woman was running from, were flesh-eating monsters. Behind her, I saw babies, walking funny, fire in their eyes, and hunger for humans. The last thing I saw before Luke and Stephanie locked up the doors, were zombies.

Chapter 1

            “So, what’s happening? Why are there baby zombies in this world suddenly?!” the women asked as she started chewing some sugar-free gum.
            “Okay, well, it’s hard to explain. Do you remember how everyone used to say that the world would end at 11:11 on December 21st back in 2012?” Luke started.
            “Yeah, but the world didn’t end! What does that have to do with this?” she asked already confused.
            “Well, if you were born after that time, you were a zombie. That’s why you see so many baby zombies around here, and no 12 year old ones,” I finished off Luke’s sentence.
            “But how come I’ve seen like 2 or 3 adult zombies?” She shuddered as she said the words.
            “Some adults get too attached to their children. If the babies think they would be good use to them, they crawl into the adults mouth and take over their bodies and their minds,” Blue said, horrified.
            “Wow,” the woman said, looking into the distance.
            “So tell us about yourself. What’s your name?” Stephanie asked.
            “My name’s Smith. I don’t really know my first name. Smith is my last name. I was in the military before this problem came up. It would explain the army clothes and the guns,” she explained.
            This was the first time I got a good look at her. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, and she was tan, just like me.
            “You do know that you have to shoot a zombie 5 times with a handgun until they actually die? They don’t really help you that much. We’ve tried that a lot,” Luke said, snapping me back to focus.
            “Have you tried using a shotgun or a sniper? They’re a lot more powerful,” Smith replied.
            “Umm, no.”
            “You can kill a zombie with one shot. I’m running out of bullets, though.”
            “We have tons of that! We went to a gun store like a month ago, but our guns were stolen by other survivors. Probably wasn’t much use to them with no bullets in them,”
            “I should probably see if they would work with my sniper or shotgun,” she said.
            “We will tomorrow, we have to get some sleep. We’re going to set out for the zombie shelter tomorrow. It’s a place where you can stay safe from them, and act the same way you did before this happened.”
            “Okay, show me tomorrow morning then,” Smith said as she slowly drifted to sleep.
            The rest of us fell asleep eventually, and the last thing I remember was the taste of a lemon lollipop in my mouth.

Chapter 2

            I woke up with a lollipop stick in my mouth. I spit it out, and sat up. I got up with four people looking at me like they have been waiting for hours, even though they weren’t ready yet.
            “What happened?” I asked, confused.
            “We told you to get up at 6 A.M. sharp!” Luke said, frustrated.
            I looked at my alarm clock.
            “It’s only 6:04, though. Not a big deal. I bet I’ll get ready faster than you guys!” I said I sprang up. It seemed like a matter of minutes until I was ready, and hours until the rest of the group showed up.
            “Okay, did anyone show Smith the bullets we had?” I asked, wanting to set out as early as possible. Zombies slept until 7 A.M. I wanted to get the best head start we could get.
            “I did,” Blue said. “I got up early, so I had time to show her them. She said they would work well with the sniper.”
            “Alright. Are we good on healthy food and safe water? We don’t want to dehydrate or starve out there,” I said, concerned.
            “Yeah, we are. We did everything while you were asleep,” Stephanie said.
            I was about to ask how they did everything so quickly, but I wanted to get out of the candy store, and fast.
            After about a minute of planning the quickest route to the zombie shelter, we headed out into the dark, deadly world, with only a shotgun ready for fire.

Chapter 3

            We headed down the abandoned streets for hours, navigating ourselves with a GPS, and a map and a compass for back-up. We had been walking for what seemed like days, but it was still dark and cold, so I knew it was still morning.
            I asked Blue to show me the time on the GPS so I could know what time to get ready for an ambush.
            It was 6:52 A.M.
            We had to get ready. I made sure that Smith had the sniper, since she was most experienced. I set Luke up with the handgun and myself with the shotgun. We were ready for anything that came in our way.
            We started jogging along the streets, looking around for any movement of a monster. We had to be quiet, because they could hear very well, and track you down. The minute it turned 7:00 A.M., I was terrified of what might happen to my group, or me.
            We saw a corner store and Stephanie and Blue said that they had to go to the washroom.
            “Didn’t you do it before we left? It’s dangerous out here,” I said quietly.
            “We did but we have to go again,” Blue whispered back.
            “Fine. We’ll be out here. Don’t get into trouble,” I said cautiously.
            We waited for the girls to finish, but they were taking unusually long. We kept on waiting until we heard a spine-tingling scream. We turned around to see an adult zombie, with two girls in his arms, getting ready to finish them off with one bite.


Chapter 4

            “Help!” Stephanie screamed.
            Smith was about to fire her sniper, but I held her back.
            “Don’t! You might shoot them!” I said as my heart was racing.
            Luke and I dropped our guns. Luke charged while I stayed back giving Smith instructions.
            “Aim for the zombie’s head with the handgun, don’t worry about us!” I called back as I was running.     
            She picked up the handgun and made sure she was ready, while Luke and I ran towards the zombie.
The zombie was confused with what was happening and dropped the girls. Luke punched the zombie as I slid through his legs, and I heard a loud CRACK! as I kicked his behind and he fell over. I felt wind hit my shoulder, and I saw a hole through my shoulder, and followed by excruciating pain.
            I was shot. My body still worked. I didn’t collapse; I just couldn’t use my right arm.
            Smith took the shotgun and easily hit the zombie, since he was lying face down on the street. The zombie groaned until it had died.
            “Okay, all of this noise is probably going to attract more zombies, so let’s get moving,”
I said swiftly.
            “But your arm,” Blue protested.
            “And I hurt my leg while he let go of me,” Stephanie added.
            “My arm is fine, and Luke, you’re going to have to carry her,” I ordered.
            He just nodded, and quickly picked her up.
            “Here,” Smith said as she bandaged my shoulder up.
            “Thanks, let’s get going.”
            “They’re might be one problem,” Blue said, looking past me.
            I turned in her direction, and I saw at least a 100 baby zombies, walking towards us, and trying to have us for breakfast.

Chapter 5

            “Run!” someone yelled, and I thought it was me. But as soon as I heard that, I ran in front of the others, and yelled at them to follow me.
            I kept on running down the street until I thought we were at a good distance enough to turn the corner.
We ran into an abandoned set. There was a huge rug in the corner, a big figure skate hung up, and everything else that looked like a regular basement, except that the door was human sized, and small compared to everything else in the room. The whole place smelled like dust.
We hid behind the big rug, getting everyone cramped behind it. But, unfortunately, not only did it smell like dust, there was dust. Everywhere.
Luke had sneezed, and as he flinched, he shoved the rug a bit. The rug fell to the ground with a big THUD! The zombies had to hear that.
After a couple minutes, which seemed like years, I heard knocking on the door, like someone was hitting it. My heart was pounding. I was sure I had seen the doorknob turn. I’m guessing everyone else saw what I had seen. I made an escape route though. There were stairs up ahead of us, and if I knew anything from TV, I knew that Hollywood stairs came on sets always led outside.
I whispered to the group to follow me, and as soon as I said that, the door bust open.
I ran up the stairs and burst through the door, and I saw metal stairs that led to the back of the set outside. I waited for everyone to run through and I shut the door, locking it.
I took over the lead again and while we were running, I asked Blue which way to the shelter, and she said about a kilometer ahead.
Good, I thought to myself. I don’t want to head back there.
We kept on running for 5 minutes straight until we there was a jungle in front of us.
“Are you sure this is the right way, Blue?” I asked, confused.
“That’s what the GPS says,” she replied as she showed me the screen.
“Alright, half a kilometer to go. Let’s head in.” I said.

Chapter 6

We worked our way through the bushes, trunks, vines and the weeds at our feet. We used a couple of knives to get them out of the way.
We took almost ten minutes to get out of the jungle. Once we had gotten out of the jungle, we found ourselves in the middle of a field, and a hill in the center of it. At the peak of the hill was the shelter.
We started running, screaming for joy. We had forgotten to stay quiet, and an adult popped right out of the jungle next to us. We started running for our lives, but luckily, a guard at the top shot him in the head from the shelter. The shelter was heavily armed.
Sirens started going off as we approached the shelter, and the doors slowly started opening. We kept on running until the doors were fully open, and we dived through as they quickly shut behind us.
The Zombie Apocalypse for us was officially over.
Orko Oyon
Cambridge, ON Canada
2012 Jun 10

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