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The Missing Father - Orko Oyon


            “Wake up!”
Trice awoke startled with Ms. Belle pointing the meter stick that she never let go off only inches away from his face. He could see Graham and Jenny giggling from the corner of his eye.
Jenny had straight long brown hair which looked like she spent hours on in the morning but she luckily got by with just 5 minutes. She had blue eyes which seemed to contain a vortex of colors. Graham had small curly black hair and was a bit shorter than Trice and Jenny.
Trice on the other hand had short black hair, with dark brown eyes and he was a little taller than most of the people in his grade.
Trice gave them a humorous glare.
“Mr. Levi, if you have time for sleeping then maybe you have some time to talk with me after school,” Ms. Belle exclaimed.
“Great,” Trice muttered sarcastically.
The bell had rung coming to Trice’s rescue. He sprang up from his desk to go to his next five classes.

Trice entered the class and approached Ms. Belle. Ms. Belle was just sitting at her desk gripping her meter stick like she would risk her own life for it.
             “I’ve been waiting for you, Trice,” said Ms. Belle mysteriously.
            “Yeah, I’m really sorry about sleeping class but I overslept this morning and I  
            “Do you know what this is?” Ms. Belle interrupted, not even taking her eyes off of the meter stick.
            “It… It’s a meter stick,” Trice stuttered. He was starting to get suspicious of the relationship between Ms. Belle and the meter stick. He thought that this was the reason why she wasn’t married yet.
            “Wrong,” she said fiercely. She examined Trice. “Touch it.”
            Trice got a surge of fear in his stomach and he didn’t know why.
            “You want me to touch the meter stick,” Trice went over the words aloud.
            “More specifically, hold it.”
             “Why?” questioned Trice.
            “If you do not take it from my hand this instant, you will be expelled from this school immediately!” Ms. Belle said with rage in her voice.
            “Okay, you want me to hold it so bad. I get it.”
            Trice approached the meter stick and kicked it out of Ms. Belle’s hands. A sudden pain had crept into his foot and deep into his body, like he had gotten cut by a knife; he didn’t want to tell Ms. Belle because he knew it might turn into something weirder than just a conversation about a meter stick.
            “You will regret that Trice,” Ms. Belle exclaimed.
            “It doesn’t seem like I will,” Trice called back.
            He edged towards the door.
            “That meter stick will save you and your family’s life,” Ms. Belle said, but Trice was already out the door.


Graham and Jenny were waiting outside of Room 27 when Trice popped his head out of the classroom.
            “So what did she say?” Jenny asked.
            Trice actually had no idea how to explain what had just happened.
            He shrugged.
            “Ms. Belle and her weird ways,” he said simply
            Graham and Jenny exchanged quick glances but Trice had never noticed because he was already outdoors.
            “Hey, wait up!” said Graham while he and Jenny started running towards Trice.
            “So are we going to your aunt’s house?” Jenny asked.
            “Yeah, I guess if you want to,” Trice replied.
            He felt a sudden lurch in his stomach. He grunted as he fell to his knees.
            “Trice, are you okay,” Graham asked with concern.
            The pain subsided.
            “Umm, yeah,” he said hopefully. He wondered why so many weird things had happened today.
            “So what actually happened to your parents?” Jenny asked as she quickly tried to change the subject.
            “I told you guys already. They were in a plane while it got hijacked and it was flown into the Twin Towers  
            “During 9-11,” Graham finished. “You should know this, Jen.”
Jenny gave Graham a nudge. She only let Trice call her that.
            “Calm down. I don’t want a tussle all the way to my aunt’s house.”

They were walking towards the front door of his aunt’s house and rang the doorbell once.
            Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
            “Your aunt really needs to get a new doorbell!” Graham yelled over the noise.
After the doorbell stopped its glitch and got its ‘Dong!’ out, Trice’s aunt opened the door with bloodshot eyes that looked like she hadn’t slept for weeks.
            She looked at Graham and Jenny.
            “It’s happening,” the aunt said.
            Trice’s friends immediately stormed into the house and started grabbing some items like they had practised it day after day. They grabbed a few cooking tools, clothes and other stuff you would use in an everyday life.
            “Get in the car!” Jenny demanded over her shoulder as she bolted with a box in her hand. The box was around a meter long with golden imprints of waves. There was a light blue snow globe of some sort in the center with the snow blowing around frantically.
            Trice hurried to get in without questioning Jenny. His aunt started the car.
            Before Trice could even reach for his seat belt, his aunt stepped on the gas pedal with all of her force.
Trice looked over his shoulder. He could see Jenny looking out the window, stroking her hair and her eyes were blazing. Graham’s face was extremely serious.
            Trice turned around so that he was looking out the windshield and he looked at the new path that awaited him.

They arrived at a big old school. It looked more like college. Behind it, there was freshly cut grass which looked like it could have stretched for acres. The sun was blazing. There were a few fire hearths and a shimmering stream with water which looked like it was imported from Cuba.
            “Okay, let’s start unpacking,” Trice’s aunt’s hurried voice startled him.
            “What do you mean?” Trice wanted to ask from the whole trip there.
            “Trice, I don’t know how to explain this but this is your new home, now,” Jenny tried to say in a comforting voice.
            “Yeah, your aunt’s house isn’t very safe to live in anymore,” Graham said before toppling over because of the big box.
            “But the house looked fine to me!” Trice protested before being dragged in the building.
            “Trust us, it’s not,” Graham said with a serious expression.
            “Bye, Trice!” Trice’s aunt waved goodbye.
            How much more family could Trice lose?

The first thing that Trice saw when he entered the building was a security guard.
            “Name?” the security guard asked.
            “You saw me yesterday,” Graham explained. “How could you forget that?”
            “Password?” the guard asked.
            “Ughh. We need more naive guards,” said Graham as he pushed through the guard.
            They walked through twists and turns in the building before standing in front of a woman who looked like she had high authority in the building. She had brown hair and grey eyes without a wrinkle on her face. She was sitting at a desk with her feet up. Her expression on her face turned excited when she saw Trice.
            “Trice, I finally have the pleasure to meet you!” the young woman said before getting up and hugging him.
            She let go of her grip after a couple of seconds.
            “Why was this random lady hugging me?” Trice whispered over to Graham.
            “You haven’t told him yet?” the lady asked Graham and Jenny obviously overhearing.
            “Told me what?”
            “I’m your mother,” the lady replied.

His mom told him everything.
            “The world exists with elements that everybody has heard of: Water, Fire, Ground, and Air. But what the people don’t know is that they contain great power. Kids can get these powers from there parents, like genetics. I am the only one that mastered all four powers. On the other hand, you did not get all four powers from my side. You got your powers from your father’s side.”
            “My father, is he alive, too?” Trice asked. He was taking so much information on the first day that he thought that soon he would collapse.
            “Well, I don’t know. That’s why you’re here,” his mom said in a sad mood. “He’s… he’s been captured. I’m afraid I can’t go to save him. You see, your father was the master of Water along the Element Body. There is a Fire Master, Ground Master, Air Master and your father as the Water Master. I’m the headmaster since I’m the only one on Earth who knows all four of the elements. We are all together the Element Body. Your father has been captured by someone who foresees to capture the rest of the Element Body, including me, to take over the world. But the only person they have captured so far is your father. We’re having the rest of the Trainers protect the Body while the Body teaches the Trainers.” His mom took a breath and allowed Trice to speak now.
            “I need to save the world,” said Trice as he tried to simplify things.
            “Well, pretty much. With the help of us of course,” Graham popped in. Trice forgot that Jenny and Graham were right beside him the whole time.
            “Okay, so if I have Water powers, what powers do you guys have?” Trice thought he would clarify before he risked his life.
            “I’m an Air Trainer,” Jenny said, beaming.
            “I’m a Fire Trainer. I’m pretty much powerless against you,” Graham whimpered.
            “Okay, let’s get you to your room. You have to Master the Water powers tomorrow and set out on your journey. Your father couldn’t even do that. So you should get all the rest you can get,” his mom said. It was the first day he had met his mom and she was already sending him to bed early.


His bedroom felt like a hotel suite from the lost city of Atlantis. There was a tiny powered water fall that trickled all night. He had to go to the bathroom at midnight to only figure out that he had to physically generate the water in his own bathroom. The whole room was basically trying to enhance his water abilities.
            He could barely sleep. He had so many questions that they made him speechless. He mostly wanted to know who kidnapped his father. What he did know on the other hand was that he was going to rescue his father, even if he didn’t save the world.
            He slipped under his bed covers and closed his eyes, letting the waves from his water bed swallow him.

“Okay, since your father isn’t here, I’ll be teaching you for the next couple of hours,” his mother said.
            They were standing along the river with Jenny and Graham with a box that Trice had seen earlier when he came to E.A.T. (Element Action Training). His mother had the same box in her hand that Jenny had. He finally got why there were imprints of waves on the box. It was a symbol of his Water powers.
            “This is your sword. It will be the only thing that can help you control the Water.”
            She opened the box and Trice found the very meter stick that Ms. Belle had during class.
            “That’s the meter stick that my teacher used,” Trice explained to his mother. “She got all creepy about it before I came here.”
            “Here,” his mother said. She handed him the meter stick.
            As soon as the meter stick touched his hand, it started moulding in a shimmering blue light until it turned into a meter-long sword.
            “It can be used to kill enemies and to control Water. Now turn to the river, close your eyes and concentrate on the sound of the waves. Now if you slash your sword through a loud wave, the wave will become bigger and bigger and eventually crash on your target,” his mother explained.
            Trice focused on the sound of the waves and slashed through, missing the splashing sounds. He readjusted and then tried again. The waves seemed to grow and grow before crashing down and Graham.
            “Hey, I’m a Fire Trainer! You’re gonna drain my powers!” Graham yelled as he was trying to shake off the Water.
            “Good. The more you practise with that, the higher the waves will be. Now point your sword down and twist it to make a whirlpool. This should drown your enemy when they are in the water,” his mom said.
            Trice did the gesture his mom told him to do. It ended up making a whirlpool that swallowed up Graham because he was close enough to the shore. Trice panicked as he immediately gestured the flat side of his sword up and the Water sprang up with Graham. Trice then gathered all the water that started raining down on him using his sword and made a bubble that Graham fell into, cushioning his fall.
            The bubble popped and Graham started coughing up Water. His mom didn’t seem that concerned about Graham’s health. She started dragging Graham towards a Fire hearth and shoved his head into it.
            Graham sighed and took his head out of the Fire. His hair was on fire.
            “That’s more like it,” Graham said, beaming.

His mom gave him all of the information he needed. He would have to follow the waves of the river from E.A.T. The river expanded into the Atlantic Ocean. So he would just have to take a boat and use his sword and the waves to direct him all the way to his father. His mom figured that where the Water would be causing the most chaos would be where his father was since he was the master of Water. So they waves would get rougher as he got closer and closer to his father.
            So Trice, Graham and Jenny got on the boat and started sailing towards his father. Trice knew that this was a good opportunity to practise his Water powers. He started to get the pattern of where the waves were leading him so he started making the waves bigger by slashing his sword along the sounds of the waves and got them to hit against the boat so that they went faster and faster. Jenny was helping out by angling all of the wind against the sail and Graham was getting rid of weight on the boat by getting seasick every couple of minutes.
            They had food, water and some medical supplies (they were low on Pepto Bismol because Graham was drinking it like it was pop). They pretty much had a good chance at survival. If they only didn’t forget that they were out in the ocean.
            They spotted a great white shark that was feeding on otters hopping in and out of the water. They didn’t pay much attention to it after a couple of minutes but later they found a fin circling there dinghy.
            “Umm, guys. Do you see that?” Jenny asked uneasily.
            None of them answered. They were gawking at the fin popping out of the water and they didn’t even dare to move. But all of a sudden, Trice started edging towards the fin like he wasn’t scared about it at all.
            “Trice, no!” Jenny screamed.
             A dolphin then hopped out of the water and a few minutes later, the whole family of dolphins were swimming along with them.
            “Wait. If these are dolphins, then where is the shark we saw in the distance earlier? Or am I just so sick that I’m hallucinating.” Graham tried to make an interesting point.
            “Umm, there it is. It’s the one that’s coming right for us and the dolphins!” Jenny said in horror.
            The dolphins didn’t seem to be swimming away for their lives. They probably thought that the 12 year old kids would keep them safe.
            “Hold on. I have an idea. Just follow my lead,” Trice said.
            He picked up his sword. He closed his eyes and focused on the rhythm of the waves and slashed his sword through them right at the last second. The humongous wave threw the shark back 10 feet. He then pointed his sword to the ground and twisted it to create a whirlpool surrounding the shark until it disappeared under the swirling Water and then Trice used the flat end of his sword and pushed his sword upwards. The shark flew out of the surface and was shot 100 feet into the air. Graham moaned while he snapped his finger and the shark popped on Fire in mid-air. Jenny then topped it off by making a pushing gesture outwards from her body. The shark then in mid-air got blasted in the direction that Jenny had pushed.
            “Wow” said Trice breaking the silence after a while. “That was cool.”
            “Cool? That was awesome!” Graham said before hanging his head over the side of the boat and puking.
            “Where are we?” Jenny asked, looking around trying to analyze her surroundings.
            “I have no idea,” Trice said. “I guess we just have to trust the waves now”
            They continued to do what they were doing before. Trice was handling the waves, Jenny was handling the sailing and Graham was handling the weight of the boat. The waves started getting bigger and stronger until they found where all the wave chaos was. It was an island with nothing but a huge volcano in the centre.


“Oh, finally! Fire! It’s about time someone other than you guys get the glory around here!” Graham complained.
            As if on cue, a volcano started to rumble and the earth started to shake. But it luckily calmed down.
            This made Jenny and Trice exchange glances but it only made Graham beam even more.
            “Well, let’s go inside!” Graham said eagerly.
            “It’s a volcano, Graham. How do you expect us to get in there?” Jenny asked.
            Graham walked into a hole on the outer layer of the volcano. There seemed to be a tunnel through the rock. They eventually ended up near the top of the volcano with the hole at the top of the volcano 10 feet above them when they got through the rocky surfaces of the volcano. They looked down and the volcano seemed to be a work office of people on fire.

There were metal railings and balconies for the Fire Trainers to walk on. This was definitely where Trice’s father was. He was sure of it. All of the Fire Trainers here had evil smirks on their faces. He had to find the person in charge. That person would definitely have his father under hostage.
            “We have to go in there,” Trice said without much confidence.
            “I know! Isn’t it great?” Graham had lightened the mood.
            “Alright. I’m coming, Dad.”

It was pretty hard to be unnoticed by all the Fire Trainers since Graham had decided to slip on the brittle rock and bring all three of the kids tumbling towards the magma. The three of them screamed and yelled; Trice and Jenny because of the horror and Graham from the thrill ride.
            Either way all the Fire Trainers noticed them and started shooting Fire at them. Trice managed to make a bubble of Water around the three of them and the Fire bounced harmlessly off of it. Before they fell into the magma, Jenny managed to create some air that blew their bubble up and away from the magma.
            Before they could even smile about not dying, they figured something else out as they saw the rock plummeting towards their bubble. They forgot the fact that around all the magma, there was rock or Ground which meant that there had to be a Ground Trainer around here somewhere. When they found her, they saw her taking a piece of rock from the volcano shell and throw it towards them. The rock popped the bubble, sending the kids dropping down until they hit a metal balcony and fell unconscious.

He woke up to see Ms. Belle glaring at him in a cave in the rock of the outer core of the volcano.
            “It’s good to see you again, Trice,” she said.
            Trice sat up.
            “Ms. Belle! You won’t believe it! They’ve kidnapped my father and they’re soon going to try and kidnap the rest of the Element Body so they can take over the world! You’ve got to help me save my father!” Trice hurried through so he wouldn’t waste any time.
            “Ah, is this your father?” Ms. Belle asked as she moved back so he could see his father, his mother and the rest of the Element Body tied up with rope with duct tape at there mouths. They looked beaten.
            “Wait… It’s you? You’re the one who sent me on this journey and made me risk my life to see my math teacher as the one who kidnapped my father? Why?” Trice had so many questions and he was filled with hatred towards Ms. Belle. He didn’t like her when she made him clap erasers, but now he felt like throwing her into the magma.
            “I did not say that you will regret kicking the meter stick out of my hands?”
            “It’s a meter stick! Big deal!”
            “Ah, yes, but is it not that the meter stick saved your life?”
            Trice look at the corner of his eyes and saw that his friends were tied up as well, but not beaten which was good.
            “Why is it that I’m not tied up?” Trice asked.
            “Well, I need to have some fun as well,” Ms. Belle said wickedly.
            As the two were making good points in their argument, his friends found a way to get out of their traps. Graham managed to snap his fingers, create fire and burn all of the ropes that tied him and then he ripped of the duct tape from his mouth with his hands.
            I was trying to grow a moustache! Graham thought, but he didn’t want to yell it out otherwise Ms. Belle would find out what was happening. Jenny blew off her duct tape with wind from her mouth and with the help of Graham, she was freed from the ropes.
            “Fine, you want to have some fun?” Trice asked.
            He picked up his sword.
            “Let’s have some fun,” he finished.
            Ms. Belle immediately stomped her foot on the ground and a piece of rock the size of computer screen came up from the ground and charged at Trice. He raised his sword in front of his body and a shield of water appeared around the sword and deflected the rock so it wouldn’t hit Trice. Trice tried to jab Ms. Belle but a shield of rock shot out of the ground to protect Ms. Belle. The two kept on trying to launch an attack move on their enemy but the other person managed to deflect it somehow.
            Graham and Jenny were now working on trying to free the Element Body. They then tried to get them to heal from all of the wounds the Element Body had gotten from getting captured. Soon they were all up and running.
            “We’ll handle all of the Fire Trainers out there. I want payback. You handle her,” Trice’s mom gestured over to Ms. Belle.
            The Element Body disappeared from the cave leaving Trice, Jenny and Graham alone with Ms. Belle.
            Graham managed to create a ring of Fire against the ground around. Ms. Belle. This happened to stall her as she lifted the Ground that had all the Fire around it and threw it away. Jenny blew with her mouth effortlessly and Ms. Belle went flying into the cave wall. She disappeared into a hole from the force of the impact into the wall. She crawled out of the rock and was still standing when she got out.
            “Sending me into my element will only make me stronger,” said Ms. Belle, stating the obvious.
            All of a sudden, water shot out of the cave floor, taking Ms. Belle with it and went through the cave ceiling and eventually out of the volcano.
            “Trice, how did you  
            “My mom taught me how to generate Water from thin air. Let’s go. I’m scared this thing will blow up soon,” he said.


They left the volcano and met with the Element Body.
            “So how was it against the Fire Trainers?” Graham asked.
            “Oh, they were a piece of cake,” said Trice’s mom, not even being modest.
            “Okay, well I want to get out of here quickly,” Trice said.
            “I think the quickest way is by Air,” the Air Master said.
             The Air Master managed to blow them at a lightning speed all the way to E.A.T.

Of course they had to free all of the Trainers from being tied up by Ms. Belle when they got home, but none of them seemed hurt or wounded. Ms. Belle’s prime focus was on the Element Body so she didn’t seem to bother and hurt the Trainers.
            Trice was in his room when his dad popped his head in. He had black hair and brown eyes, just like Trice, but his face was more chiselled.
            “I finally get to meet you,” he said in a soft voice. “So your mom tells me you’re very good at Water powers.”
            “I’m alright for a beginner. Not as good as you, of course,” he said, honouring his dad.
            “Well, we’ll see if we can get you better. I look forward to teaching you.”
            “Thanks…Uhh…Dad,” he hesitated.
            His dad left the room and Trice sat down on his bed.
            This was his new home. He had a new family with his mom, dad and his friends. Even his aunt decided to come back and Trice’s mom gave his aunt her own room. His new life was even better then his old one, and he would be in his new life forever.
Trice met Graham and Jenny outside on the green grass next to the river. The sun was hotter than ever today, yet there was a cool breeze. There were Trainers all over the place; talking with their friends, perfecting their moves and even playing sports and just having fun.
            “Hey,” Jenny said being the first one to greet Trice.
            “What’s up, man?” Graham asked.
            “Nothing much.”
            “So are we just relaxing today?” Graham asked with a bit of relief in his voice.
            Trice suddenly slowly moved his hand towards Jenny’s until he had it completely in his hand so he could never let go of it. Jenny looked at Trice and started to blush.
            “I guess we are,” he replied, without taking his eyes off of Jenny.
            “Eww! Come on! Gross! Get a room!” Graham started to complain.
            Trice gave Graham a friendly shove.
            The three spent the rest of the day talking, playing and perfecting their Elements at Trice’s new home, E.A.T.
Orko Oyon
Cambridge :: Canada
2011 Dec 05

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